VAG Ignition Tool

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With this tool, the ignition is activated without a key, which enables communication via the OBD port in VAG vehicles.
You may charge the control units in the vehicle and make the OBD communication without a key.

It has one end with an OBD plug and, at the end, a plug-in connector that can be connected to the diagnostic connector in conjunction with this product. The K-Line, L-Line and CAN connections pass through the device and are available for communication.

Technical specification:

16-pin OBD connector
No external power source required
Compatible with OBD2 diagnostic tools and key programmers
Connection to the vehicle via OBD socket
User friendly and easy to use

Supported vehicles

Audi (almost all OBD2 models)
Seat (Almost all OBD2 models)
Skoda (Almost all OBD2 models)
Volkswagen (Almost all OBD2 models)
Bentley Continental (3W)
Porsche Cayenne (9P)
Mini One 2001 - 2013

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