MAG BENCH Positioning frame with Probes

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Professional tool for BDM and Tricore boot loader with adapters.

New quality in workshop.

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#SKU codeQuantityDescription
1MAGP0.3.01MAG Bench metalic frame (hardware only)
2MAGP0.3.131New MAG Bench main adapter
3MAGP0.3.21MAG Bench MPC5xx Bosch adapter
4MAGP0.3.31MAG Bench MPC5xx Delphi DCM adapter
5MAGP0.3.41MAG Bench MPC5xx Delphi MOT adapter
6MAGP0.3.51MAG Bench MPC5xx Siemens adapter
7MAGP0.3.61MAG Bench MPC5xx Marelli adapter
8MAGP0.3.71MAG Bench Tricore BOOT 1 pin
9MAGP0.2.201RED x3 faston wire for ECU power supply
10MAGP0.2.211BLACK x2 faston wire for ECU power supply
11MAGP0.3.81MAG Bench – Tricore JTAG adapter
12MAGP0.2.261Tricore JTAG cable MAGP0.3.8

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