OBD solution for 7G Tronic TCU and for GS19 on bench
Flex version is ready MAGICMOTORSPORT releases OBD exclusive solutions for Siemens VGS2-NAG2 and Continental VGS3-NAG2 transmission control units, used on 7G Tronic, a type of seven gear transmission used on Mercedes vehicles. New Bench protocol for 6 speed Bosch GS19 transmission control units, mounted on Audi. In the meanwhile, the migration process from X17 to Flex is almost complete.With version more OBD protocols are ava
PSG16 Bench exclusive. Ready version of Flex
PSG16 Bench exclusive PSG16 Bench exclusive. Ready version of Flex MAGICMOTORSPORT releases new solutions to program in Bench mode Continental Simos PCR2.1 ECUs used on VAG vehicles and for Bosch PSG16 ECUs mounted on General Motors. The latter is a type of control unit directly installed on the injection pump, thus is very useful to be able to read and write the entire content (Flash/EEPROM) in Bench mode – that is an exclusive of Flex
Flex ver released - New solutions in Bench for Bosch EDC16 & MED9 and OBD for Marelli
New solutions in Bench for Bosch EDC16 & MED9 and OBD for Marelli Flex ver released New Bench mode for EDC16 & MED9 Bosch now is available, together with Marelli service mode for 9DF, 8DF, 8F2, 8F3 and 8GMK! Now you can work rocket-fast on those common ECUs!Marelli service mode allows you to access full content of the ECU directly by OBD – you will be able to both read and write everything you want. Bench mode for EDC16 & MED9 will
OBD solutions for Marelli 8 and Marelli 9 ECUs

OBD solutions for Marelli 8 and Marelli 9 ECUs

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Flex ver Released. OBD solutions for Marelli 8 and Marelli 9 ECUsMAGICMOTORSPORT releases OBD solutions to program Magneti Marelli ECUs. With update, Flex today allows you to work on Marelli 8 and Marelli 9 ECUs, mounted on FCA group vehicles.Furthermore, ECUs such as SID208, SID209, SID211 and SID807EVO used in Ford and PSA groups will be supported as well in OBD & Bench modes. New Bench protocols are also available for B
Flex ver released

Flex ver released

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More Delcos with our latest update: bootloader protocols for all Delco ECUs with Nexus processors. Those protocols are super fast, and of course support all the new models of vehicles including MY2019!
FLEX ver. released

FLEX ver. released

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FLEX version released: MDG1 ECUs with AURIX TC27x / TC29x, solutions for Ford vehicles and new features We’ve reached another milestone in our study of MD1 & MG1 units and have released the newer models of AURIX TC27x / TC29x ECUs that mount Tricore processors giving you a solution that guarantees speed, reliability and competitiveness during the reading and writing process.This FLEX SW version allows you to create an exact copy of
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